4 Workout Tips to Help Slow The Aging Process

You won’t find the secret of eternal youth in a bottle of face cream. If you really want to slow down the aging process then you need to get active and hit the gym or buy some new workout equipment. If you put in the hours then expect to be richly rewarded.

Here are 4 workout tips to help slow the aging process:

Start using a treadmill

One of the main reasons why more people don’t take up running is because it’s just so inconvenient. It can be raining, windy, or freezing cold, and let’s face it, who wants to be out running in that kind of weather?

However, running is one of the best ways to keep yourself looking young and slow down the aging process, which is why you should consider using a treadmill everyday.

Best of all, the price of treadmills has come down significantly in recent years, so even if you only have a small budget you can still get in on the action.

Set goals

It’s important to set goals when you start a new workout routine, as research suggests you are more likely to stick with it if you have something to shoot for.

For example, perhaps you want lose 25 pounds or add 5 inches to your biceps? No matter what your goals, make sure you write them down on a regular basis so they stay relevant in your mind.

Supplement with phytoceramides

Quite possibly the biggest secrets of looking young and slowing down (and even reversing) the aging process is to use a supplement called phytoceramides.

Reports suggest that all of the major Hollywood stars are using phytoceramide supplements and it will only be a matter of time before everybody else catches on and starts buying bottles by the truckload.

Still not convinced? Then perhaps this YouTube video about the science behind phytoceramides will change your mind.

Hit the gym in the morning

For people who work at a 9 to 5 job, it is often a common complaint that they are too tired to hit the gym after a day in the office.

That’s why hitting the gym first thing in the morning for an anti-aging workout is such a good idea. The vast majority of gyms now open super early, and some even stay open 24 hours a day. Not only that, but you can have a shower at the gym straight after the workout and be fresh and ready for the day of work ahead.

Exercise and Food Can Definitely Lower your Fertility

Males love working out because getting those six packs and brutally awesome arms are just a work of art to look at. Good exercise paired with a high testosterone drive boosts growth to the muscles. However, extreme exercise can deplete your supply of testosterone, which can lower your sperm count and make you infertile.

Aside from that, you got diets to worry about that could lower your ability to procreate children.

Excessive exercise does not only cause muscle atrophy and the higher risk of injuries, but it also lowers your sperm count by lowering the amount of testosterone in your body. Those using steroids also have it bad; they can cause testicular shrinkage.

Sure, you eat lots of protein and you have good vitamins, but exercising excessively also creates stress instead of that post-high after workouts that all males and females experience.

When eating, avoid drinking colas. That refreshing drink, while tempting especially during casual events, can lower your sperm count because caffeine in the cola hinders the sperm.

Soy-based foods are popular for their protein content, but you actually produce 32% less sperm by drinking soy based foods. The mild estrogenic effects women feel with soy-products are actually what can dampen testosterone, and weaken the production of sperm count.




Personal Injury Compensation Claims In Marathon Runs

I’m a marathon runner and I’ve participated in many runs for over five years. I’ve gone through some accidents and recovered from them as a stronger person. However, I could not have done it without proper knowledge of injury compensation claims.

Marathon runners are prone to injury because we are talking about speed. Even if you say we just do simple running and not really lifting or doing heavy lifting, speed can instantly cause damages to our bodies, especially when we’re fatigued. This was what happened to me in one of my runs.

Runners were advised not to bring their own drinking containers because refreshments will be provided in every pit stop of the track. This made the run more challenging for me because I have to hold in my thirstiness, which would trigger more burn in my system and will boost my stamina.

But the truth was, the checkpoints were too far from each other. My no win no fee compensation claims expert said this to me when I collapsed due to fatigue. Using my medical report and running history, he claimed the organisers made an error in the distance of checkpoints and refreshments because I rarely faint. Aside from me, 20 others report personal injuries due to fatigue, some five of them also fainting.

I received at least £7000 for my injured arm during my fall. However, this won’t stop me from participating in other marathon runs. If I hadn’t reached that stamina level yet for the race above, I’ll dedicate myself to work on it.

Why Music Helps Workouts In Many Ways

A combination of rhythm and melody helps stimulate the mind and the body to move. Music is an infectious form of media that helps your mind concentrate on sound while your body goes on autopilot. Workouts become better with music because:

1. Helps With Focus
A research finds athletes who listen to music during workouts feel less pain than other athletes. Another research also said that musicians who work out give more effort when they listen to music while working out. Music is never a distraction during workouts; one could think of it as a “tunnel vision” that is never restraining.

2. Rhythm
Workouts, especially heavy bodybuilding, require slower and tenser passages of lifts and reliefs. A music’s rhythm actually helps bodybuilders maintain the proper speed for working out, which contributes better to muscle development. While speed will never be beneficial, listening to music at slower tempos of 120 to 140BPM are beneficial.

3. Elevating Moods
For lifters and cardio-lovers, music elevates mood. Aggressive and lively music, such as rock and dance music, can actually elevate activity in the brain and stimulating the muscles and nerves in the body to move. It also helps people focus their adrenaline during their workouts.

Energy and Your Body: Things You Should Know

Every workout requires a good pre-workout energy boost. This might be from your breakfast and a pre-workout drink, or just the food you eat at breakfast alone. You will need a high amount of carbohydrates to suit a 30-minute or full hour workout. Without proper energy in your body, your exercise could cause muscle atrophy.

1. Protein
If you are lifting, you will need immense energy and a great deal of amino acids. You could consume some nuts for breakfast, or have uncut oatmeal without sodium or sugar. A high deal of protein, including some rice on the side for carbohydrates, is a great meal for your workout.

2. Stimulants
People who consume caffeine through coffee or chocolate gain the natural stimulant theobromine. While you would not find this in most pre-workout drinks, stimulants are helpful in keeping your mind and your body active for the workout session ahead.

3. Whole Grain Toast
Complex carbohydrates are very important in many workouts because they help your body’s metabolism. They will gradually give you the boost you need and not just some sudden energy boost you get from simple carbohydrates including milk chocolate, white bread and other sugar and glucose sources.

Workers’ Union Blames Lack of Safety Concerns Caused Brazil Stadium Accident

The Sao Paulo Stadium accident, which killed two people and injured a crane operator, was caused by a lack of concern for the safety of workers and the work area, according to a workers’ union.

A safety engineer at the World Cup stadium said the giant crane collapse said he warned his supervisor about the possible problems of the construction operation. He said that his concerns were brushed aside.

The Arena Corinthians, which would host a Fifa event, was scheduled to be finished by the end of December. As speed was of the essence and finishing the stadium a major priority, 12 hour shifts and some holidays had been overlooked by the contacting company, Odebrecht Infrastructure.

According to Sao Paulo Civil Industry Workers’ Association Antonio de Sousa Ramalho, the supervisors indeed brushed aside the statements of the anonymous safety engineer and pushed to finish the structure despite the heavy rain and the weakend foundations of the soil. The engineer warned the soil cannot support the roofing in its condition.

Odebrecht Infrastructure denied the claims and said that the ground was stable a day after they inspected the soil underneath the accident area. They clarified that there was no warning from a safety engineer before the accident happened. They also said that Ramalho did not represent all the employees in the Stadium.


Soccer’s Effectiveness in Lowering Blood Pressure

Soccer is the one of the most popular sports in the world today and it helps many to lower their blood pressure. Researchers found that those who started playing soccer in just two days a week helps lower their cholesterol, blood pressure than daily exercise.

According to researchers, those who played for an hour twice a week actually dropped twice than those who exercise 30-45 minutes daily. The researchers said that it is actually because soccer is a high intensity exercise which has a different impact on the body physiology. Scripps Translational Science Institute Director Dr. Eric Topol, M.D., said that high intensity exercise raises your heart rate and your blood vessels dilate greatly than moderate exercise.

According to experts the blood pressure lowers because the body needs to run different speeds with sudden bursts of acceleration, leaving the body unable to recover quickly before going at the sport again. The high level of intensity raises stress levels that it adapts by using all the resources in your body, including your fat and cholesterol.

The research proves that focusing on intensity during exercises helps lower blood pressure. Intense exercises help lower the risk of blood pressure and stroke. It helps to exercise at lesser time, but with higher intensity to lower the risk of blood pressure.

Source: Men’s Health

FCA Shows Signs that PPI Claims Is Coming to a Close

City Watchdog the Financial Conduct Authority indicate that total number of PPI complaints in the first half of the year fell down to 2.9 million in the first half of 2013. It was down by 15% from the 3.4 million in the second half of 2012. According to experts, the numbers indicate an improving picture for the UK banking industry.

PPI or payment protection insurance is a policy designed to pay out loan and mortgage repayments in case consumers get sick or have an accident. However, because it was sold indiscriminately by banks, almost every UK citizen has a mis sold PPI. If you’d like to know your total compensation you could ask a PPI calculator to help you sort your insurance.

The FCA recently said that it was punishing 12 firms who failed to reach the standards needed for servicing PPI complaints. The FCA is currently publishing complaints data to the public because it helps firms to compete to improve services to customers, which may also help improve confidence in banks and financial companies.

Experts said that as PPI complaints fall biannually, it was becoming apparent that the PPI crisis is past its problem points. However, they said that there is still much work to be done in redress.

Any consumer with a mis sold PPI and would like to have expert help should seek help from PPICalculatorCompany.org.uk and other claims management companies to ensure they earn their complete refunds.

The Advantages of Cool Downs After a Workout

Your high-intensity workout could really strengthen your muscle groups and give you strength and endurance better than your previous activities. However, you might endure muscle stiffness and potential tears if you do not practice proper cool down right after a workout.

Give your body the proper time to recover after an intense workout. Having your heart rate and muscles slow down their tension and get relaxed helps in alleviating potential muscle pain. It helps your body to distribute the blood evenly to the heart and to your muscles and to all parts of your body that needs nourishment.

Cool downs are usually overlooked especially by heavy lifters. By having a good light jog after a heavy lifting and resistance exercise, bodybuilders actually help their body get the nourishment from their pre-workout diet. It helps avoid muscles pooling around the muscles and the legs, which cause a light headed and worn-out feeling.

Sure you might feel tired right after your gym or aerobic workout, but it is important that you know your blood flow is very important to maintain and it is very easy to have clotting and muscle tears when you have blood pooling in different muscle groups.

Good cool downs include seconds of muscle stretches and slow movements for at least 5 minutes after your primary workout routine.

Five Nuts That Ensure Bodybuilding Results

Two handfuls of your favourite nuts are healthier than two handfuls of potato chips multiplied ten times. Nuts are tasty and make great snacks and they offer more than just stomach-fillers. They actually contain nutrition enough to help you gain muscle. Here are five kinds of nuts that ensure bodybuilding results.

1. Almonds
You could find them on pizzas, sauces, chocolates and seasonings. Two handfuls of almonds could help you lower the risk of heart disease because of their manganese and Vitamin E content, which lower the risk of oxidative damage. Their high protein content ensure your muscles get a steady source of amino acids.

2. Pistachio
Pistachio nuts might contain high fat and carbohydrate content, but it is undeniable that you could get a great amount of protein and fibre from it as well. Pistachios also have high Vitamin B6 amounts. Just eat the right amount of nuts to avoid spoiling any kind of diet.

3. Walnut
Most people regard walnuts as superfoods because they contain great amounts of alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid. Omega-3 helps your heart avoid disease and allows your muscles to keep more protein.

4. Cashews
Cashews might actually make you fat with its very high fat content but eating a handful of these nuts actually gives you a high Omega-3 advantage. Cashews also contain plenty of iron, zinc and other minerals.

5. Peanuts
Consuming peanuts or eating peanut butter actually gives you high protein, dietary fibre and antioxidants for your body. By consuming peanuts, you actually gain potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, niacin and folate.